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Misc (We will add your listing to a new category)

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John Johnston Entertainment
Award Winning Mobile DJ and Commercial Radio Presenter

Available for Weddings- Engagements – Birthdays – Anniversaries and much much more

MK Vinyl 2 CD
Transfer analogue recordings to Digital, Vinyl records, cassettes, 78s, Reel to Reels

We established our business 14 years ago transferring all vinyl records, 78 rpm Gramaphone Discs, Cassette tapes Reel to reels Mini and Micro Cassettes into the digital format so you can preserve your precious media for the future. We have worked with many hundreds of customers over the years including BBC Journalists, Professional Musicians and their Families, Sir David Frost, Matt Monro (Family) Franz Reisenstein (Family) to mention just three we have preserved many hundreds of hours of rare interviews and personal memorabilia relating to tragic and joyous events.

If you are considering preserving your media for the next generation please give us a call.
01395 274557