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Phone and Tablet Repairs Archives - Exmouth Online
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Phone and Tablet Repairs

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Lets Talk Mobiles
Mobile Phone Shop, specializing in the sales, trade ins, repairs and unlocking, huge accessory offering for all the latest handsets and tablets.

We are Exmouth’s longest running independently run and owned phone shop, established 2009 and over 13 years experience in the industry, all our phone repairs come with a 6 month warranty and turn around times within an hour, we unlock 99% of handsets on the market, so from a smashed screen to a new charger, pop instore or online to see what we are about.
Extech repairs
We do all types of repairs from mobile phones, xbox 360’s, pc/laptop, tablets..
we aim to please 🙂

We can sort any repair issue’s you have and make youe technology feel new again!
phone screens aswell as other faults, xbox 360 repairs, laptop/pc repairs & software updates/virus removal, tablets,
we do all kinds of repairs and all at a reasonable & affordable price !! 😀