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Places to Eat

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The Chronicle Restaurant
The Chronicle restaurant uses local produce and freshly prepares and cooks its food on the premises. There is a selection of high quality, cosmopolitan food, having English, Irish and Mediterranean influences.

The family business, run by owners, Kathy and Ricardo, aims to be a friendly, and flexible eating venue, where customers can mix and match starters and main courses. There is a children’s menu, based loosely on the adult one, and the restaurant loves catering for little ones, with high chairs available on request. There are vegetarian as well as meat based options, and fish from Brixham, is cooked when available.

We like to look after our guests, preparing and serving good food that can be adapted to suit individual needs. Kathy bakes her own soda bread, and prepares meat and fish on the premises. Local vegetables, come in raw and go out cooked, and free range eggs, chicken and pork are used.
Deli on the Strand
Delicatessen serving hot food and drinks

We are a Delicatessen with a passion for food as it should be….real, tasty and great quality. Pop in for a browse or some amazing lunch. Exmouth’s only retailer of Origin coffee and a wide selection of speciality foods for all occasions.

01395 279977