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Space organisation/clearing

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D k cleanz
Conservatory cleaning

All aspects of external property cleaning

Self Storage, Tradesman Yards, Open Storage.

Declutter you excess valuables to a new container storage facility, secure area, cctv, 24/7 access and drive up to your unit, from only £5 per week. Tradesman yards with a new container and open storage to suit your requirements.
Change Your Space
Organising and Decluttering

Sorting out the home or office can improve your health, make life easier and give you more space.

I can work with you to ensure your home or office is more safe, welcoming, comfortable, and functional.

Spare room? Paperwork? The loft? The garage? The home office? The premises? Change Your Space is for you if you have any belongings or administration that require review.

I offer a service that is practical, pragmatic and is about you gaining control of your home or office. I am person-centred, empathic, and also focused, neutral and experienced with changing spaces.

Change Your Space is registered with the professional body (APDO), so the service is governed by best practice in confidentiality and carries appropriate insurance.

Call today to set up a supported sort session and see your projects finally realised.
01395 742123