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Clinton House
Relax and unwind in this elegant Victorian Guest House offering exceptional
bed and breakfast in a prime location in Exmouth, East Devon, with en-suite
facilities, freeview colour Televisions, DVD Players, refreshment trays,
complimentary high speed Wi Fi access & car parking.

Ideally situated a few minutes flat walk from the town centre, bus and rail links and
just 70 metres from the two mile long seafront. Frequent Bus / Rail services are
available to Exeter City and Clinton Guest House is only 8 miles from Exeter Airport.
01395 271969
Hands-on Health
A team of health and fitness professionals, working out of an eco-friendly clinic in Exmouth town centre, who want to help you get yourself back on form.

Whether you’re looking for pain relief or relaxation, you need help with getting fit, losing weight, or improving posture and flexibility or you want to get to grips with lifestyle issues, we’re here to help.

Our warm, comfortable and eco-friendly clinic in Exmouth town centre offers you therapies to get you back on form, and classes and workshops to help you improve, correct and maintain your health and fitness.
01395 224207